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Smatchet prototypes

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Based on the handles of the Combat tested M12 EOD knife, this is my version of the famed Smatchet, originally designed by William Fairbairn in WW2.

To quote from Fairbairn, least we mistake his intent:

The psychological reaction of any man, when he first takes the smatchet in his hand is full justification for its recommendation as a fighting weapon. He will immediately register all the essential qualities of good soldier - confidence, determination, and aggressiveness. Its balance, weight and killing power, with the point, edge or pommel, combined with the extremely simple training necessary to become efficient in its use, make it the ideal personal weapon for all those not armed with a rifle and bayonet.

This knife is large and in charge, everyone that has handled it, has wanted to Smatchet something!

1/4 thick, 9 inch blade made out of PD-1 and 14 1/4 inches long overall.

3D machined G10 scales are grippy and set the look off with plenty of aggression.

Both come with leather sheaths made by our buds at Chattanooga Leather Works, a RMJ house of awesome.

These two are my prototypes. If y'all want to see more of these available, let me know and I will try to work a batch in sometime in the coming months.

(Overseas shipping will be charged actual amount and any difference will be refunded. USA shipping will ship insured.)

Thanks all!