mine probe

$40.00 - $60.00
 mine probe

Non-mag* / Non-Conductive
Very Rigid

The result of a need.**

Detailed Description

Length - 15"
Handle Length - 5"
Probe Material - G-10
Handle Material - G11
Weight - 2.5 oz.

Titanium probes are the same but titanium instead of green G10

*While non ferrous in construction, these items have not been tested to MIL-DTL-19595 (Magnetic Effects Limits for Nonmagnetic Equipment Used
in the Proximity of Magnetic Influence Ordnance) and should not be considered Low-MU.

Low-MU testing and certification is available at additional cost, please e mail me for more details.

**mine probing and all explosive work is freakin dangerous and should never be attempted with or without this gear.

There is a company making knockoff probes based on my design. I complained to them and they changed handle colors. I designed and built the first of these probes in Iraq. They bought one from me and copied it. Buyer beware...