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The latest in a series of hard use tools from George Knives. The Ti-Pry is a simple, lightweight, tool that can be carried everywhere. With its 1/4 inch thick titanium stock, it is stout to handle heavy chores. Purposefully designed to fit in a single channel of MOLLE webbing for easy carry and deployment. Save your knife for knife stuff and use the Ti-Pry to beat the snot out of and pry things. Just the ticket for your bail out bag!

-I'm not going to cord wrap these handles anymore. It will save you some money and me some times. If there is interest I can make a video of how I do it. You can probably find better ways to do it with a simple youtube search.

-Overall Length: 7 7/8 in
-Width: 1 in (MOLLE Compatible)
-Thickness: .255 in
-Weight: 5 Ounces
-Material: Titanium